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 Here are some questions, frequently asked about our service;

What vaccinations does my dog require before boarding in Stoney Arch Kennels?
All dogs must have current vaccinations for the following;
1. Parvo Virus
2. Lepto Spirosis
3. Infectious Hepatitis
4. Distemper
5. Kennel Cough

My dog has all his vaccinations except for the kennel cough vaccine, does that matter?
Yes. Kennel cough is a very contagious disease that brings bouts of coughing. It is difficult to control and may last for a number of weeks. It is extremely distressing for the dog.

How long does the kennel cough vaccine last for?
Maximum of 12 months.

Can we come and have a look around before we book?
We would be delighted to show you around the premises. Please make an appointment.

My dog has never been away from home, will it fret or worry?
No. Most dogs settle after 24 hours and provided they receive the TLC we provide, there will be no problem.

My dog has never stayed in boarding kennels before, should I be worried?
Most dogs are absolutely fine, staying with us, but we would recommend a short trial stay of one day or night, before booking a longer stay. Sometimes, dogs that bark a lot, are aggressive, suffer from separation anxiety, or aren't good with strangers, may be unsuitable to stay in boarding kennels. A short trial stay is ideal for mutual assessment.

Do the kennels have heating during the winter?
Yes. All our kennels have heating lamps.

Can we bring our own food?
Yes indeed. Very helpful, and essential if your dog has a sensitive tummy.

Do you administer medications?
Medications are administered as directed by your veterinarian. Food supplements (non-treat items) are treated as meds. Please have pills in a pill dispenser with your name clearly marked on the outside or in the original prescription bottle. There is no extra fee for administering meds.

What if my dog becomes ill or injured during boarding?
If an emergency arises, we use a local veterinarian. If a non-emergency situation or question arises about your petís health, we will seek the consult of your regular veterinarian. If your dog should incur a vet bill while boarding, you will be notified by telephone. All vet bills are the ownerís responsibility.

What bedding items should I bring?
We recommend that you leave nice dog beds at home and bring an old blanket or rug if necessary. We will wash bedding if it gets soiled. However, we cannot wash dog beds with fiberfill. Your dog will be allowed to have one item of bedding in his kennel of your choice. Towels, rugs, and blankets are considered bedding.

Should I bring toys?
A few toys from home are fine. You are limited to two dog toys. We will remove any toys that are being chewed up and possibly digested. Remember that dogs are here playing with toys and that sometimes things donít get back where they belong. There is no guarantee your dog will return home with any toy items.

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